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Becoming known as “Mr. No Limits”, Cornelius inspire audiences to create the life of their dreams, reach full potential and succeed in life. Using real-life stories, applied understanding of the human mind and techniques for self-mastery, Cornelius gives audiences the power and tools they need to live life without limits.

About Cornelius

Explore Cornelius’ journey from a small town city boy to an dynamic speaker. His journey into the knowledge of spiritual truths, the power of the mind and self-awareness has created a life of freedom and happiness. Be inspired by his journey to reach full potential, achieve your highest self and live life without limits.

Life Without Limits TV

Cornelius is passionate about sharing life principles, real-life stories and tips for creating the life of your dreams. Life Without Limits TV features training videos, tips and personal experiences from people all around the world who, through dedication and application, are now experiencing the life of their dreams.


"Cornelius has been a great source of inspiration. His passion for seeing people's lives change is genuine and authentic." - Andrea Dawson

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Inspiring. Engaging. Transforming.

Cornelius "Mr. No Limits" Simon Inspire Audiences to Live Life Without Limits

Motivational Speaker Delivering Inspiring Keynotes and Presentations


Though Cornelius had built a successful career as an IT professional and was an effective Christian pastor and teacher for nearly a decade, his journey in life still left him feeling limited and restricted by what he felt and reasoned in his mind. It wasn’t until his desire for a deeper understanding of spiritual truths and the meaning of life that he became aware that he could have the life he always wanted.

Now knowing deeper spiritual truths and experiencing the benefit of them, Cornelius now passionately inspires others around the globe that, they too, can experience life without limitations.

His message is simple, “Don’t allow limiting beliefs to keep you from following your dreams, pursuing your passion and succeeding in life

Cornelius’ Signature Keynotes & Talks

  • The Power of Believing
  • The 3 P’s To Success
  • 5 Pillars of Success
  • The GRIT Factor

Visit Cornelius’ speaker page for more detailed keynote descriptions and to see him in action.

Life Success Coaching with a Concierge Approach

As a life success coach, Cornelius helps his clients create the life of their dreams and have the good they desire. His concierge approach to coaching allows his coaching session to be customized to the specific life goals and desires of his clients.

Cornelius’ concierge life success coaching will help you:

  • Identify and develop specific & attainable life success goals
  • Create an actionable and measurable plan for achieving success
  • Overcome limiting beliefs keeping you from experiencing the life your dreams
  • Become the person you’ve always wanted to be

Visit Cornelius’ coaching page for more info.

Professional Development Training That Delivers Results 

Improve operational efficiency and increase employee productivity with professional development training and workshops.

Cornelius’ Training Workshops:

  • The Three P’s To Success
  • Goal Setting In The Workplace
  • Boundless Confidence

Visit Cornelius’ training page for more information.

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