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Motivational Speaker, Life Success Coach and Corporate Trainer

From small town city boy to world traveler to corporate success story, Cornelius has overcome the odds of being just “average.” In his own words, “my life has been an adventure.” As a budding young adult, he joined the U.S. Navy, where he spent four years working in the Navy’s Communications department on board a naval aircraft. His experience with the U.S. Navy helped shape his ability to learn quickly, adapt to any environment and become a successful leader.

Upon being honorably discharged from the military, Cornelius began his life in the civilian and corporate communities. It wasn’t long before he excelled as a corporate employee. His rise as a successful IT professional exposed him to many facets of corporate America, different corporate cultures and the demands of building a successful company.

Though his success as IT professional helped him build great relationships and afforded he and his family a comfortable life, these accomplishments left him unfulfilled and searching for more. It wasn’t until he began seeking out the meaning of life and becoming more self-aware feelings of fulfillment began again. From there, Cornelius began to consume books and other resources on life, spirituality and living your purpose. His own personal development was an amazing journey; a journey that soon became his life’s passion.

A passion for helping others realize their full potential, achieve their highest self and live a successful, abundant life.

Cornelius’ passion and desire for sharing and teaching timeless and practical principles for living a successful and fulfilling life is seen in every speaking engagement, training session and one-on- one coaching session he participates in.  Cornelius’ life’s mission is simply to:

“Inspire Others To Live Life Without Limits”

Cornelius offers keynotes, interactive presentations, workshops, seminars and one-on-one coaching.

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As an engaging speaker and dynamic presenter, Cornelius uses practical life principles, real life stories, and his knowledge of successful living to inspire others to experience the life of their dreams.

His inspiring and interactive talks about the human mind, the power within and the meaning of life, happiness and success will motivate your audience, give them hope for a brighter future and start them on a journey to a life of success and abundance.

Corporate Trainer

After spending over two decades in corporate America, Cornelius brings a “high touch” to all his corporate training clients. He understands the corporate culture and the need of business owners to have highly trained employees to become successful. His approach is not just surface level, he shows each person he trains that he or she can become successful in any endeavor. “No Limits” is his model and he trains, in a very engaging and inspiring way, to get each employee to embodied this mindset.

Life Success Coach

As a life success coach, Cornelius has helped many people through various stages of life. From relationship issues to character development to career improvement, he has helped his clients work through their present condition, gain clarity, find purpose and achieve success. Cornelius’ “No Limits” approach to coaching has helped his clients create the life they’ve always wanted without limitations.

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