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corporate-trainerOrganizations are always trying to discover ways to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Recent studies have shown a key component of organizations reaching their goals is investing in their employees by continually providing professional development training, resulting in increased employee loyalty and in-house knowledge.

If you’re interested in providing training for your staff or team to contact Cornelius, a dynamic and passionate trainer, who understands the corporate culture and how to train and motivate your team for maximum advantage in achieving your company’s goals.

Cornelius can help your team to

  • Discover and develop the talent and skills needed to be successful within your organization
  • Identify and define professional development goals that aligns with your company
  • Improve operational efficiency and increase productivity
  • Develop the skills and confidence necessary to help your company gain market advantage

Training & Workshops

Computer Skills Training
The Computer Skills Training class will provide your employees training necessary to be proficient and productive in their respective roles. The class covers working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Your employees will learn to master the fundamental sand some advanced features of Microsoft Office.

Effective Workplace Communication
The Effective Workplace Communication workshop teaches your employees how to communicate more effectively and intentionally. From choosing the right words to listening with our minds to responding with consideration, this workshop will help your employees engage and interact with each other in a positive and constructive manner leading to employee motivation and productivity.

Goal Setting In The Workplace
The Goal Setting in the Workplace workshop helps your employees develop attainable goals that are aligned with their job function, career growth and your company’s goals. Employing the S.M.A.R.T model for goal setting, your employees will be able set goals and have the confidence they will succeed thereby increasing employee confidence and improving your company’s operation efficiency and revenue gains.

Workplace Conflict Resolution
The Workplace Conflict Resolution class helps employees discover ways to minimize and resolve differences of opinion and interpersonal conflicts in the workplace, resulting in greater appreciation for one another creating a more supportive and understanding of differences.

Boundless Confidence
The Boundless Confidence workshop will help your employees develop and build their inner confidence allowing them to be more creative, operate more efficiently and take on new and bigger tasks. By engaging your employees in a fun and interactive workshop they will learn how self-confidence is created, some techniques to boost self-confidence and the skills necessary to overcome self-doubt, fear and feelings of inadequacy.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
The Critical Thinking & Problem Solving class helps your employees develop the skills and aptitude needed to think on their feet and make healthy decisions. By teaching structured thinking habits your employees will be able to think through situations critically and solve problems from a point of clarity thereby maintaining the integrity of the company.

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