4 Reasons For Living in the Moment


Hello everyone, so as I often do, I wake up with these seemingly random thoughts or topics. I say “seemingly random”, because to me, that is, my conscious they seem to come from out of nowhere. It’s like having a dream about something and you’re like where did this dream come from.

Though it may seem random and unsolicited, if you understand how the subconscious mind works, what happens while you’re sleeping, that it continues to function and that the subconscious is connected to the Super Conscious, that is God, Divine Intelligence, the Divine. It is processing information for you at your request.

Now these maybe request you have made and forgotten you made them. But the subconscious hasn’t. In fact, as I’m preparing for this video and writing this article, I recall saying to myself, “I want to release a video today, but not sure on the topic. Well, here it is. The subconscious answered my request and gave me a topic or thought to share with you.

Well, today’s random thought is “Carpe Diem”, which is latin for “seize the day”.

I wonder how many missed opportunities, special moments, lasting memories, new friendships, etc. I have missed through the years by not living by this model: Carpe Diem. Now being more self-aware of who I am as spiritual being; that I have the power to create and attract anything that I divinely desire according to what I constantly think about.  This latin idiom has much more meaning to me.

For our short time today I want to share with you five reasons why should adopt this motto as a part of your philosophy of life.

  1. Tomorrow is not promise
  2. The opportunities of the day are not promise for tomorrow
  3. The opportunities of the day are there for your tomorrow
  4. You’ll have a more rewarding and fulfilling life