Attention High Performers

CEOs, Executives & Business Leaders…


  • If you’re struggling with pornography, sexual addiction, alcoholism or drugs
  • If you have uncontrollable outbursts, fits of anger, or rage
  • If you’re suffering with anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, loss of concentration or some other illness
  • If you have become verbally or physically abusive to your loved ones or your employees
  • If your marriage is in jeopardy, your children wants nothing to do with you and you’re struggling to find work/life balance
  • If you’re unable to get clarity about major business and life decisions, perform at the peak condition, or having feelings of loneliness and disappointments


It’s Time To Take Back Control of Your Life!

Studies have shown that high performers are more susceptible to life threatening illnesses, destructive behaviors and worse, suicide. One high powered CEO commented, “I can’t remember my boys growing up. I can’t remember them when they were young. People ask whether you have to make a choice between your family and your career. You definitely do. You can’t have both.”

Is This The Life You’re Living?

To make matters worse, for many high performers, especially CEOs, life is lonely and one of solitude. With no real support from peer groups and family not always being a viable option, life for high performers can be physically and mentally exhausting and emotionally damaging.

But There’s Hope for the Journey, You Can Start

  • Eliminating destructive behaviors
  • Gaining clarity and making bold moves
  • Performing at peak condition and increasing profits
  • Be the loving and respected husband and father
  • Enjoying a healthier lifestyle

“Are you ready to move from the Prison to the Paradise!”

In Just Under 12 Weeks You’ll Be Able To

  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Gain honest self-knowledge about your motives, capacities and values.
  • Identify blind spots and destructive behaviors.
  • Discover, with clarity, your own path to success.
  • Develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Become more empathetic and compassionate of others.

So You Can Start

  • Increasing your productivity!
  • Performing with higher motivation and precision!
  • Leading with greater confidence!
  • Communicating more effectively your organization’s vision that drive results!
  • Understanding personal drivers and self-interests of others!
  • Creating an organizational culture with high morale!

Do you want to lead with greater clarity, boundless confidence and generate bigger profits?

Yes! I’m Ready to Lead With Confidence and Perform in Peak Condition

I’m Cornelius Simon, Founder of No Limits Consulting & Coaching, and over the past 10 years I have been helping people improve their lives, accomplish their goals, live their dreams and succeed in life. What has been the key to their success? Self-awareness.

My approach to helping individuals become self-aware has helped them become more attuned with who they are and realizing the power within.

Many have been able to identify their strengths, values, and goals in life, as well as areas of pain and hurt causing emotional stress and destructive behaviors.

After getting in touch with their deeper self, these individuals were able to make the necessary adjustments in their thinking, self-talk and behaviors allowing them to tap into their inner power to become the best version of themselves and begin maximizing their full potential.

What would your life look like if you had more confidence? More power? What if you could approach every situation in life knowing you would succeed?

Imagine a life where your path is clear and your goals are attainable. Where difficulties are not obstacles, but opportunities. What could that confidence do for your leadership, your self-worth and value to your organization?

My strategy and approach is a combination of proven techniques and best practices that has been used for centuries for helping others maximize their full potential and become the best version of themselves.

You’ll not only learn how to maximize your full potential as a business leader – CEO, senior executive or entrepreneur – you’ll also learn how to become a better spouse or partner, parent and have better relationships.

What type of business leader do you want to be?

If You’d Like To Be the Business Leader That’s Highly Motivated, Leads With Confidence And Knows How To Effectively Drive Results Then I Have The Solution For You.

Introducing...Maximum Achievement Potential (MAP)

This Program Will Ensure Your Path to Success Is Clear, You Lead With Confidence & Maximize Your Full Potential!


This program has one objective: To empower you to maximize your full potential and become the very best version of yourself. Say goodbye to your high stress lifestyle and lurking blind spots and hello to leading with confidence and motivating others, through modeled-leadership.

Here’s how MAP Works

We will work together both virtually and in-person to discover new and effective ways to maximize your full potential and create the best version of yourself. MAP works in six stages; each stage building upon the previous to achieve the best results.

Six Stages to Success


Stage 1: Engage
For best results it is important to establish trust, clarify expectations and form a bond that will allow us to know each other better, position us to work through any challenges and coach you to success. Stage 1 facilitates these objectives through casual dialog, meaningful conversation and creative exercises and activities.

Stage 2: Identify
Once completing Stage 1, we’ll move to Stage 2 where we begin to identify your success goals, both personal and professional. We’ll also discover what challenges you are or could face and may keep you from achieving your goals and succeeding in life. Stage 2 is deeper look at who you are, what you’ve become and who you want to be.

Stage 3: Plan
Now that we know where you’re heading and what are your goals, we now need to devise a way and means for you to get here. Stage 3 facilitates this process through creative planning and mapping. Our aim is to provide you a clear path to success to follow to accomplish your goals and succeed in life. With your involvement and commitment, success is inevitable!


Stage 4: Implement
With a workable plan in hand, it’s time to put your plan into action. In Stage 4, you begin practicing and applying the concepts, principles, blocking techniques and success steps we created to reach your full potential and maximize achievements. The more you practice the easier and more natural implementing the plan becomes.

Stage 5: Review & Revise
A key to the success of any plan is evaluating its effectiveness. Stage 5 facilitates the objective evaluation of the plan through careful review and open feedback of what works, areas of improvements, what needs to be removed then revise the plan to increase your chances of success in accomplishing your goals.

Stage 6: Celebrate
Acknowledging your accomplishments along the way is as vital as reaching your full potential and maximizing your achievement. In Stage 6, we’ll regularly celebrate your successes – small or large – creating greater inner confidence and motivation for accomplishing your goals.


Are You Ready to Reach Full Potential and Maximize Achievement?


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