10 Steps to Develop Self-Discipline: Part 2

Today’s Motivational Monday video is a continuation of the 10 Ways To Develop Self-Discipline. In part 1, we looked at different meanings of self-discipline and how not having self-discipline can greatly impact our lives. As we continue to look at this character quality, we will discuss some benefits of having self-discipline and finally, to wrap up this topic, I share 10 ways to develop self-discipline. These tips are very practical and should help you begin develop self-discipline immediately in your life.

I think self-discipline is something, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. – Daniel Goldstein


Benefits of Having Self-Discipline

Let’s start off by looking at the benefits of having self-discipline:

  1. Overcoming bad habits such as laziness, procrastination or indecisiveness
  2. Helps you create new positive habits
  3. Boost your level of productivity
  4. Increases your ability to complete tasks and accomplish your goals
  5. Increases your self confidence
  6. Life becomes less challenging
  7. You’ll be able to deal negative emotions or events in your life

10 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline

I believe self-discipline is an innate characteristic we all have, it just need to be developed. The following are several ways I’ve learned to develop self-discipline:

  1. Have specific goals in mind
  2. Identify specific areas in your life that are not pushing you towards accomplishing your goal, then start engaging in those areas less and less
  3. Identify specific areas in your life that needs discipline in order to accomplish your goal, then create a way to become more discipline in those areas
  4. Incorporate daily meditation and affirmations
  5. Start simple by choosing one or two areas to build your self-discipline
  6. Measure your behavior and progress towards your goal
  7. Get organized
  8. Manage distractions and interruptions
  9. Be consistent
  10. Be persistent

Well that’s it! I hope this has been helpful for you; it has helped me tremendously in my life and I’ve seen the same benefits in others.