Amp It Up! 7 Steps to Getting Things Done and Boosting Your Productivity

Ok, It’s Monday. New week. New opportunities. If you didn’t reach your goal for last week or you weren’t as productive as you would have liked to been. Don’t fret. Here’s what you can do to amp up your productivity and get things done this week.

1) Get a list started of what you want to accomplish for the week.

2) Prioritize the list by due date, level of importance, level of difficulty, time to complete. You choose the ranking. What’s important is that you spend time prioritizing.

3) As you complete each task, check them off your list. Spend a few minutes to take a breather and celebrate your accomplishment.

4) Take breaks. There’s a reason why breaks are baked into our day. You can’t possibly be at 100% after a few hours of continuous work. Get up a walk away for at least 15 minutes.

5) At the end of each day review your list once more; check off what you’ve completed (if you’ve missed anything earlier) and review what’s for the next day. During your review, spend just a few minutes thinking through how to complete tomorrow’s tasks.

6) Shutdown for the evening, totally. Leave work alone for the evening, if you’re unable to do, at least then for a few hours. Do something entirely unrelated to work.  If you have a hobby go do that. If you need to cook, get to cooking. Do whatever you can that will clear your mind of work.

7) Just before falling to sleep, spend five minutes telling yourself how the next day will go. This is an extremely powerful technique for ensuring next day’s success.


Ok, I hope this has been helpful. If you’re not use to working from a list it may feel like extra work, but trust me, the extra time you spend working on your list and following the tips I suggest in this video, you’ll gain so much time back and amp up your productivity.