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Cornelius “Mr. No Limits” Simon, Motivational Speaker

home-services-overview-profileAs an experienced teacher, motivational speaker and life success coach, Cornelius Simon help audiences:

  • Learn how to live life without limits
  • How to leverage past experiences to create a better future
  • How to use the power within to experience a life of happiness, success and prosperity

Drawing from his understanding and application of spiritual truths and real-life experiences, Cornelius delivers relevant insight, inspiring stories and actionable steps with every talk. His presentations are informative, engaging and fun.

Cornelius’ Keynotes & Inspiring Talks

5 Pillars of Success
5 Pillars of Success is an inspiring keynote for young professionals, employees and middle-management aspiring for senior management and executive level positions. Attendees will discover 5 essential and key components for career advancement, becoming an effective and sought-after leader and transforming their lives and the workplace.

The 3 P’s To Success
Whether you’re a seasoned career professional, an employee with an aptitude for business or someone who wants to be their own boss, entering or transitioning into entrepreneurship can be challenging and intimidating. The 3 P’s to Success is an inspiring and practical keynote that delivers insight, strategies and confidence for transitioning into entrepreneurship and becoming a success.

Accelerate Your Success
Accelerate Your Success, is an inspiring keynote that reveals the secrets and habits, in a series of compelling stories and actionable steps, of people who have created rapid and sustainable success. Career professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, alike, will be empowered to create their own path to success and happiness and be inspired to share it with the world.

The GRIT Factor
Success doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes definiteness of purpose, action and the right attitude and grit. The GRIT Factor is a high energy keynote, filled with humor and antidotes that will inspire audiences at all levels to persevere in the face of challenges, obstacles or adversity. Attendees will leave with a high resolve, relentless determination and the self-confidence to follow their dreams and pursue their passion.


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Your motivational speeches have given us the energy to move forward using the simple directions and principles you’ve taught us – Art McClendon

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