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Cornelius “Mr. No Limits” Simon, Motivational Speaker

home-services-overview-profileAs an experienced teacher, motivational speaker and life success coach, Cornelius Simon help audiences:

  • Learn how to live life without limits
  • How to leverage past experiences to create a better future
  • How to use the power within to experience a life of happiness, success and prosperity

Drawing from his understanding and application of spiritual truths and real-life experiences, Cornelius delivers relevant insight, inspiring stories and actionable steps with every talk. His presentations are informative, engaging and fun.

Cornelius’ Keynotes & Inspiring Talks

Imagine You
In this session you’ll discover the human ability and the powers within to transform your life, create your own reality and experience the life of your dreams. With an understanding of who you are and the practice of creative life principles, you’ll quickly realize whatever you can imagine yourself to be.

The 3 P’s To Success
Whether you’re a business person striving for the next level or a stay-at-home mom wanting to improve your quality of life, this interactive multi-part session will deliver some powerful insight and practical tips for achieving success in every area of life.

The Power of Believing
Belief is the greatest power given to man. With belief one can accomplish anything. No dream is too big. No challenge is insurmountable. All things are possible. Conversely, where there is the absence of belief in one’s life there is the presence of fear, doubt and lack. In this session, Cornelius show how to develop the power of believing using some practical principles and techniques to tap into the innate power of believing.

From Good to Great
An energetic and engaging talk to inspire and motivate others to move beyond ordinary living into a life of greatness and significance by connecting passion to purpose.

The “G” Factors
To live a balanced, successful and mutually beneficial life one must have the “G” factors at work in their life. These factors, when employed intentionally, close the circle of life thereby creating an endless loop of happiness, success and prosperity. In this session, you’ll learn what these factors are and how to use them to live life without limits.

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Your motivational speeches have given us the energy to move forward using the simple directions and principles you’ve taught us – Art McClendon

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