Ben Franklin’s 13 Principles for Success: #4 – Resolution

Principle #4: Resolution

Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve

The lack of success for some is not because of lack of talent, an inability to learn a new skill, nor the financial resources, but for these few, it’s solely the never finish what they started or not completing what they know to do.

The principle of Resolution, simply means to make a firm decision to do something until completed. This principle, if practiced and made to be a way of life, will prove to make a person more successful than once could have imagined.

Why? Because resolving to do your part, to do what’s necessary and to do it until completion will build your self-confidence, increase your knowledge and provide more creative ideas which can turn into more business and continued success.

How To Apply in Your Life?

To develop the principle of Resolution employ the following:

  1. Eliminate tasks that are not essential to the growth of your business or the accomplishment of your goal.
  2. Things you know you should be doing, do them first, or at the very least make them a priority. Refer back to principle #3 on Order.
  3. Only take on tasks you know you can commit to complete.