6 Steps to Breaking Bad Habits

I have them. You have them. Your spouse or co-worker have them. We all have them. Some bad habits! What you may not be aware of is those bad habits are blocking or limiting the flow of “Good” in your life.

In today’s edition of Transformation Thursday, here on Life Without Limits TV, we’re going work on identifying, rectifying and eliminating bad habits from your life. Once those bad habits starts to disappear you’ll begin to see and feel so much better because now there are little to no things, bad habits, obstructing the good that you’re wanting to experience in your life.

Which Personality Type Are You?

  • The Hulk: Do you instinctively react with anger? Do you later regret something you have said or done?
  • The Vampire: Are you always depending on other people’s support? Do you feel like you can make it through a crisis or tough situation without someone else carrying you through?
  • The Martyr: Do you take on other people’s burdens and find yourself doing more work than is necessary?
  • The Judge: Are you very critical? Quick to judge?
  • The Soothsayer: Would you consider yourself a pessimist? Are you quick to say, “No” or “that won’t work”?
  • The Vanishing One: Would people say of you that you cannot be relied upon? Are that you are selfish? Lazy?

Some bad habits you’d want to kick

  1. Negative self-talk
  2. Blame Shifting
  3. Seeking approval from others
  4. Self-doubt
  5. Laziness
  6. Speaking without thinking first
  7. Assuming the worse
  8. Procrastination
  9. Frivolous spending
  10. Complacency

How bad habits are formed

  1. As unconscious declaration of defeat
  2. Repetitive behaviours
  3. Chemical and/or psychological additions
  4. Inability to deal with unwanted emotions, such as unable to tolerate bad moods, wanting to escape or lacking control of one’s life

The Evolution of a Bad Habit:
A Negative Experience forms an Unwanted Emotion which develops a Bad Habit

How bad habits affect the flow of good

  • Bad habits are associated with negative energy and vibrations
  • Good things vibrate on a high frequency and where positive energy is flowing

6 Steps To Breakin Bad Habits

  1. Identify and name the bad habit
  2. Understand why you’re engaging in the bad habit
  3. List any negative impact the habit is having on your life and others
  4. List how life would be better without this habit in your life
  5. Identify what triggers the bad habits
  6. Develop deflectors for stopping the bad habit before it starts

3 Powerful Exercises for Eliminating Bad Habits

  1. Meditate
  2. Affirmations
  3. Visualization