Starting Your Transformation Journey: Part 2

As you prepare yourself for a life changing, transformational journey, there are things you should be doing to make this journey more fulfilling and rewarding. In part 1, I talked about the importance of accepting personal responsibility for where you are in your life and what you’ve become.

This step is extremely important as you start your journey, for without it, a positive and lasting transformation can’t take place. You must be willing to look within and start with self. In fact, personal transformation is never external; it’s an inward change leading to self-awareness, growth and more positive outer experiences.

In part 2, we’ll continue to look at some “pre-requisites” for starting your transformation journey. Namely, asking the question, “Who am I?” and “What have I become?” As you are able to answer these questions, and others, you’ll be able start your journey with more awareness and openness to the changes you need to make.

Questions to Ask To Better Prepare for Your Transformation Journey

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What have I become?
  3. What is my philosophy of life?
  4. What is my belief system?
  5. What makes me happy?
  6. What makes me angry

Take these questions and list out the answers in journal or a sheet of paper. As you’re listing out the answers, take note of the feelings you get as you’re writing them down. Do you feel sad? Do you feel at peace? As you write your answers and you are able to describe the feelings the answers bring it will point you to certain areas in your life that needs improvement or needs to be addressed.

I encourage you to go through this process for as long as it takes and being true to yourself. Remember this is your personal transformation journey, the more you know about yourself the more you’ll discover who you are.