Inspiring Student Success & Achievement!

Success is for everyone. It doesn’t matter the cultural background, aptitude or social-economic status, success is created by what one believes is possible and the determination to pursue one’s dreams and passions.

When you engage Cornelius to inspire your students, he’s not just pumping up your students to graduate college, he’s inspiring students to succeed in all areas of life.

Using his personal story of barely graduating high school, with no clear direction for his future to discovering his true potential for success, Cornelius will captivate your students and inspire them to believe in themselves.

Students will be impacted by the realizing their their true potential and leveraging the power of goal setting to achieve high levels of success beyond their college experience.

"We have engaged Cornelius on several occasions for our speaking and leadership engagements. His approach is always personable, engaging, and most importantly, memorable. His energy is magnetic and material is valuable and implementable."

Rod Weiss, Director of External Relations, Coleman University

College & Career Success Speaking

With more than 20 years as a career professional, successes as a software engineer and having mentored dozens of professionals, Cornelius brings to audiences real-world experiences, a foundation for effective leadership and humor for helping students reach levels of achievement in college and beyond.

If you’re looking for a speaker that can identify with and be relatable to your students on different levels, Cornelius is your ideal speaker.

He will have students, faculty and staff, singing your praise for inviting him to share his journey and experience as a successful career professional and entrepreneur.

Cornelius' Most Popular Talks:

  • You Got Potential!
  • The Confidence Factor
  • Unlock the Success Within
  • Unlock the Leader Within

"If you're looking for someone to engage, inspire, and motivate students to pursue excellence, Cornelius would be a great addition to your programming."

Don Love, Umoja Coordinator/Counselor, MiraCosta College

Leadership Training & Professional Development

Students shouldn’t have to wait until they are in a leadership role to start developing their leadership abilities. Studies show that most first time managers never received formal leadership training prior to assuming a leadership position.

As a leadership trainer and professional development coach, Cornelius brings to student leadership programs a diverse set of workshops, real-world experience and engaging activities to jumpstart a student leadership capacity.

When you engage Cornelius to facilitate leadership workshops, students will discover and learn how to:

  • Communicate more openly and with impact
  • Resolve and diffuse conflict quickly and effectively
  • Think critically and solve problems using proven concepts and models
  • Be a team player in any environment
  • Identify and develop achievable goals
  • and much more...

Your students will learn skills that will significantly improve the college experience, accelerate their careers and reach new levels of success.

Cornelius' Most Requested Leadership Workshops:

  • Effective Communication: How to Communicate With Clarity & Impact
  • Conflict Resolution: 5 Steps to Diffusing and Resolving Conflict Quickly
  • Team Building: How To Be A Great Team Player
  • Relationship Building: Networking for Growth & Success
  • Goal Setting: How To Use S.M.A.R.T Goals To Achieve Massive Success