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Dynamic Motivational Speaker for Inspiring Faith, Hope & Love

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About Cornelius

From small town city boy to world traveler to corporate success story, Cornelius has overcome the odds of being just an "average" person. He determined as a young adult to be someone significant, to make a difference in the lives of others and to inspire the world to live to their true potential for greatness.

He is an engaging speaker and dynamic presenter who uses real life stories, biblical principles for successful living, practical insight and humor to inspire others to experience life to the fullest.

His inspiring and engaging talks about living with purpose, achieving greatness and walking in the power of God will inspire change, give hope for the future and elevate the thinking of walking under the flow of God’s blessings of peace, happiness and prosperity.

Inspirational God-Centered Talks

Dominating God's Blessings

Uncover what may be the problem why well meaning Christians are not walking in God's blessings? Follow these three practical principles for walking in God's blessings and begin living the blessed life!

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In the Flow of God's Good

God's Word is filled with promises and blessings for His people. In this talk, discover 6 principles for living in the flow of God's good and experiencing the life without limits.

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Don't Worry

We have access to everything we need for life, happiness and abundance. Therefore, there is no need for worrying. Discover how to overcome worry and have faith in the promises of God.

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