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Popular Talks for College & University Students and Professionals

Unlock the Success Within

Sharing his journey from skinny, awkward kid to enjoying a rewarding and successful IT career, students and professionals, alike, will discover how to activate and unlock their true potential and develop their natural talents and abilities to succeed in career, business and life. Cornelius' story will inspire students of all levels to look within to achieve outstanding success.

Unlock the Leader Within

For some being a leader comes natural, for others it's hidden deep within and only needs to be developed and cultivated. In this inspiring keynote, Cornelius shares how he was able to unlock his true potential to become a successful and influential leader. Attendees will learn what makes a good leader and how to influence others to achieve their best.

Unlock the Greatness Within

In this engaging talk, attendees will be inspired to move beyond living an ordinary life to a life of greatness and significance. The impact of this talk will move attendees into action for achieving a higher level of success and influencing others to discover the greatness within.

Popular Talks for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

The 5 Pillars of Success

There’s no denying, success is a combination of many different elements that work together. But for these elements to work successfully, there must be a core set of foundational principles.

In this talk, The 5 Pillars of Success, Cornelius reveals these foundational principles and how to use them to create lasting and sustainable success in career and business.

The 3 P’s To Success

Whether you’re someone who’s just starting your career or a seasoned professional wanting more freedom, achieving the success you desire can be challenging and overwhelming.

In this talk, he 3 P’s to Success,, Cornelius delivers an insightful and easy to follow framework that gives you a straightforward and actionable roadmap for achieving success in career and business.

Accelerate Your Success

For some success is simply mind over matter, but for most it’s an elusive pursuit of dreams and aspirations that go unfulfilled.

In this talk, Accelerate Your Success, Cornelius reveals the 7 secrets of everyday people who accelerated their rise to success and happiness.

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